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Listening to a podcast is a pastime that is fit for everyone. There is a podcast for almost every subject and many different shows within that subject to span across all ages. One subject that contains a wide variety of shows is the legal sector. Let’s take a look at some of the top legal podcasts to tune into for 2021, as featured on Lawyerist.

Lawyerist Podcast 

Hosted by Stephanie Everett and Laura Briggs, this weekly show discusses the ins and outs of law practice and lawyering. There are features with various guest speakers that consist of industry experts, successful lawyers, and influential authors of business books. The show talks about a range of topics, including starting a law firm, ethics, innovative business models, marketing, legal technology, and even talks of robots! The hosts’ primary intention is to guide others on running a law practice and assisting small firms and solo attorneys. There is humor, up to date information, and an exciting host dynamic to keep listeners engaged. This show has received many awards and is a top contender for legal podcasts. 

The LAWsome Podcast

This show features insights from the legal industry as well as the top experts in law firm development. It is hosted by Paul Julius and Jake Sanders, who are also legal marketing professionals. It is a weekly podcast with a new guest speaker for each episode; speakers discuss their thoughts on running a law firm, digital marketing, and current legal news updates. They talk about different subjects such as creating a law practice that is data-driven, and branding your own law firm. 

Lawyers Gone Ethical

This is an excellent show for those interested in law, but also have a solid moral code. Hosted by Megan Zavieh, this show keeps listeners up to date with the various ethical rules of law which are constantly changing. She offers insights and tools to ensure that the listeners can be successful in today’s world of law. She also covers hot topics in law and current events. Some of her best episodes include “Slowing Down Incoming Business– Why and How” and “3 Things Young Lawyers Should Know About Ethics & Careers”.