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Smartphones have facilitated increased access to the internet among the consumer. People now have access to radio, social media platforms, and gaming applications that provide personal comfort while having lunch, commuting, or relaxing at home. Although the media are used mostly for entertainment purpose, using YouTube facilitate access to podcasts which acts as a source of education. Professionals can listen to podcasts and choose topics that align with the field of their interest. Listening to the podcast can allow people to receive motivation that helps them conquer their goals in life. You should listen to these five podcasts to boost your professional career.

James Altucher Show

James’ show provides a fresh atmosphere where he hosts prominent individuals across all fields, including business, politics, arts, and sports. James initially worked as a hedge fund manager before he found his passion in writing and became the best-selling author of the Power of Numbers. Altucher’s show has huge viewership due to his ability to conduct comprehensive interviews. He brings the wisdom behind people’s success being interviewed and employs a sense of humor, thus, attracting a subscription of about 200,000 people. 

Brendon Burchard

Burchard host the podcast titled the Charged Life, which is suitable for listening during your low moments. Professionals can benefit from this show by adjusting their attitudes when faced with difficult situations while performing their roles.

Lewis Howes

Lewis’s podcast, titled the School of Greatness, is very popular among the working class. Howes was a professional footballer who changed his course after experiencing a physical injury on the pitch. Howes host some successful business leaders, athletes, and celebrities. The success stories can inspire professionals to overcome limitations that inhibit goal realization. 

Being Boss

Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon host the show Being Boss, providing insight into the leadership skills needed to stir a business into a success. The podcast involves interviews and business conversations where entrepreneurs discuss their journey of identifying a market niche, time management, and providing leadership direction.

Safe for Work

Liz Dolan and Rico Gagliano host the podcast Safe for Work every week. The show discusses how people could experience different situations, including challenges, frustrating, and fulfilling moments. The host evaluates how people can overcome the hurdles and strike a work-life balance to live a quality and healthy life. The podcast also provides tips for dealing with coworkers, finding a new job, and renegotiating salaries; thus, the perfect show for professionals. 

The availability of smartphones and access to the internet has enhanced people’s comfort by bringing entertainment closer to the consumers. Working professionals can utilize YouTube to access online podcasts that provide direction on handling various issues, motivation, and inspiration that allow one to achieve their goals in life.