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Joanne Mantis


Professional Overview



Joanne Mantis is a Maritime and Admiralty Attorney at King & Jurgens in New Orleans, LA. Although she primarily focuses on maritime business disputes and financial transactions, she also has experience with charter party disputes, cargo claims, collisions, allisions, marine casualties, maritime employment, criminal matters, and cargo explosions. Joanne represents vessel owners and operators, offshore companies, and port authorities, among other clients. One of her most notable cases was representing government entities in the BP oil spill suit. Through her determination, she managed to secure favorable outcomes for her clients.

Joanne Mantis advises clients on laws and regulations in the maritime industry, many of which are obscure, and provides insight into regulatory and insurance issues. Joanne has experience working in the United States, as well as courts in Greece. Additionally, Joanne was once a City Magistrate Judge for the city of Harahan, LA. She is currently the Honorary Consul of The Republic of Cyprus for Louisiana.

Although many of Joanne’s clients are private entities and corporations, she has done extensive work with government and municipal organizations. Outside of the U.S., Joanne Mantis is qualified to practice law in Greece, and has previously worked in mediation in London. Joanne is also a polyglot, with the ability to read, write, and speak Greek, as well as speak French. For a time, Joanne practiced full-time in Athens, Greece. However, she left in 2011 to return to the U.S. and practice at her firm’s home location.

Background & Poseidon Maritime


Alongside her legal career, Joanne Mantis has also taken over Poseidon International Maritime, a steamship agency founded by her father. What sets Poseidon apart from their competitors is the qualified professionals with decades of experience in the international shipping industry. Under Joanne’s supervision, Poseidon has continued to uphold quick turnaround times and assistance to vessel owners with various issues with their vessels. Poseidon offers many services, including: assisting masters in passing ship hold and tank inspections, assistance in handling US Coast Guard and US immigration matters, and securing competitive prices in towing docking and launch services, as well as filing AMS’s and ENOA/D’s.

Joanne Mantis graduated from Tulane University in 1991 with a B.A. Following that, she attended Tulane University Law School and graduated in 1994 with a J.D., with an additional certificate in admiralty law. During her time at Tulane, she was a member of the Maritime Law Society, and she was also the Vice President of her senior class. 

When asked what Joanne’s mindset is surrounding her professional work, she says, “I want to get the job done and fight for my clients to get the best result.” This sentiment is obvious in her work; Joanne will not settle for anything less than the best result she could possibly attain. It is clear by the results of her cases that she cares deeply about the work she does, and she finds pride in providing the best legal services for each of her clients.

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